Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dusting Off The Old Blog For Our New House & Hurricane Sandy

Well, I had intended to continuously be blogging about our move and lives in Virginia.  Almost 4 months since my last post, it's obvious that my intents didn't totally play out as planned.  So, I'm starting again. :) As I said, it is roughly 4 months since my last post (geez that 4 months has gone by quickly!) so lost of things have changed.  We are now in our big house on base.  We love the size, it's amazing. Little Man has his own playroom so no toys in the living room (most of the time), yay!

DH and I have the biggest bedroom we've had since we lived in Texas.  We are FINALLY able to have both our dresser/mirror combo AND our chest of drawers in the room.  We love having the extra space and being able to have more drawers to ourselves!

And Little Man got to pick out a new theme for this room when we moved in, he chose The Avengers! He thinks Captain America is the coolest.  I wasn't able to find any Avengers curtains, so we bought a second set of bed sheets and I made the flat sheet and the pillow cases into curtains.  I think I did a pretty good job for this being my first large scale sewing job, and Little Man loves them.
Our third bedroom we have made into an office/craft/sewing room.  It is SO nice having a space for all of our projects. Our bookshelf is on the opposite wall and I've turned Little Man's old changing table into a scrapbooking/craft supply storage area.  It's worked out rather nicely. It doesn't look like much, but it is just what we needed! 

I will post a picture of our living/dining and kitchen after the hurricane.  Right now it is a little cramped with all of our outdoor furniture being moved inside in prep for the hurricane..   

Speaking of the hurricane, we have been prepping for the last few days now.  We've stocked up on food that we will be able to cook on our gas stove if/when the power goes out, we've got tons of water, and I've been bagging ice and putting filtered water in ziploc bags and freezing those to that everything stays cold as long as possible.  The good things about the bags of water is that if we end up using up all of our water before our power comes back on, then we can defrost it and they can act as reserves.   The last thing we will be doing is filling up both bath tubs.  I have water in Little Man's tub right now, but we will all take baths/showers tomorrow (hopefully) one last time before the power goes out then fill our bath tub.  I think going through Hurricane Irene last year definitely helped me know how to prepare for Sandy.  It's nice to not be a total wreck like I know happens especially to military wives who are originally from an area of the country where hurricanes just don't happen and are stationed in the east.  We've not more than enough board games, card games, and books to keep us from being too bored.  So cross your fingers for us.  We are hoping our cell phones still work when the power goes out, but in case they don't please don't worry, we will get a hold of our immediate family as soon as we are able to let you know how we are doing.  We will also be trying to register ourselves on the American Red Cross' Safe and Well website  in case phone communication is not possible.  But that will be dependent on if we have internet/3G after the storm. So again, please don't worry about us too much, we will let you know how we are as soon as it is possible. :) 

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