Thursday, June 07, 2012

Today was little man's last day of playgroup.  He has been going to a playgroup at a daycare on base(the military calls them Child Development Centers) a few blocks from our house for the majority of the spring semester, and he absolutely loved it.  He learned so much there.  His teacher even called him her little prodigy. :) He originally was going to go to their summer playgroup too after a weeks break, but since we got our orders, he will only be able to make it to the first 4 days of the summer session(so he will have one more week of TTH though hourly drop-in care then one week of MWF playgroup then one more Monday of playgroup), I'm really sad to leave behind this amazing CDC and the workers/teachers who have made such a difference in our sons life.  I really hope the Quantico CDC can hold a candle to this one. 
Besides the fact of him learning so much and making friends/learning social skills, it has really been a help to me and DH (dear hubby)  since we have been painting and packing while little man is at his playgroup (I cannot imagine how impossible it would be to try to paint a room with a 3 year old underfoot!).  This morning we finished painting his room back to white. We had started painting it on Tuesday, and yesterday was a reminder of how physically tiring painting can be.  We trugged though and finished the job today luckly.  It was a little emotional; I felt like we were painting over memories.  Little man has essentially grown up in that bedroom - from a crib, to a toddler bed, and now to his full size bed.  It's amazing how time flies. 
On a less sentimental note, another thing I got accomplished today was setting a date to turn off our internet and suspend our satellite until we get to our new house.  I had no problem with the internet, but when I went to call DirecTV to suspend our service in a few weeks, I ran into the dreaded "automated help".  I told "her" I wanted to suspend our service, to which she replied "OK, I'll suspend your service starting today until a date you specify." I promptly began to have a mini freak-out and was yelling "No! No! Undo! Cancel!" into my  phone.  I finally got the command right when I said "Associate!" and was even lucky enough to get a real human being on the phone...but this was only marginally better since he had some sort of Indian accent and I had to ask him to repeat himself a few times (I hate having to do that, I always feel bad for making it apparent that I cannot understand a word they are saying).  But, in the end I got it all straightened around and everything set right.  Luckly, since we live on base, we don't have a water, gas, or electric bill to have to worry about canceling, so everything utility-wise is now taken care of, yay!

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